During my vacation break visiting Asia, I went to Japan for 3 days. It was short but memorable. I really wanted to buy a few of Arashi and shinee's albums, but holy Mac and cheese Japanese albums are so expensive :000000 I only ended up buying Arashi's'are you happy'and 'digitalian' album. 'Are you happy' was the most expensive since it was recent(Daylight is my fave) and I bought 'digitalian' because I love the song 'one step' which I first heard somewhere on livejournal. I didn't buy any shinee albums, I'll just stick with their Korean albums lol. I saw a lot of arashi billboards, mostly advertisements for products(and I bought their products hahaha). But yayaya the billboards were the closest I could ever meet Arashi :( Sad life of an international fan.

Better late than never

After finishing off my assessments last year, I spent 3 days binge watching Arashi vids and I quickly ran of eng sub vids huhu. I then had a large break and travelled with my family. Finally back and university starts next week! I got accepted into the most prestigious university in my country studying business, happy that I got accepted but dreading the work :( I'm planning to spend the rest of the week watching arashi vids and anime I stopped halfway last year due to studying/work (STRESS).

I've also heard news about the members ;) (rumors) hehe

Kpop to Jpop

Confession : I started off as a huge kpop fan, especially SHINee who is also actively promoting in Japan. Eventually my love of kpop died but I still follow shinee but not as often as I were 5 years ago :/

But if it wasn't for shinee, I wouldn't have seen the random arashi Vids that would be recommended on my YouTube page xD I honesty loved shinees Japanese songs better then their Korean which lead me to other Jpop music. And those Jpop music lead me to ARASHI. A new bright light shone upon me :)
My life is literally ARASHI, shinee and anime( Haikyuu, one piece, yona, magi )


I know I'm a recent fan but I've been watching their shows continuously since the end of last year! Haha I wonder what sho is planning for his bday :)) knowing that he schedules for everything hehe